Groul (ahousekeeper) wrote,

Unofficial Vista x64 driver for Epson Perfection 1660 scanner

Today I spent 5 hours trying to make my old but still quite able Epson scanner to work.

Windows Vista, of course, didn't recognize it. Setup program from the OEM CD didn't work either, which wasn't a big surprise to me: the scanner was bought back in 2002. Yet when it comes to speed and quality, it still outperforms any modern HP scanner of its class.

What I did next? You knew it: I went to Epson's support web site. They had Vista drivers, but only for x32 systems. I downloaded and run it anyway, and tried to set it up following the instructions on Epson's web site. Nothing.

Needless to say that I have tried number of ways each of which ended with complete uninstall and reboot of Epson's software.

I went through number of forums where desperate owners of Epson Perfection 1660 were crying for help. Some lucky guys managed to install the old drivers, and were sharing the knowledge of their success. No luck for me though...

And then, at last, I found this thread! Someone, desperate to make the scanner work just hacked Epson's driver for another model. And believe it or not, it works!

What makes me mad, is that giants like Epson just don't care about keeping their product working as long as it has been already sold.

Tags: software

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